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RatGPU is a small OpenCL ray tracing program that runs on a wide range of compatible cards. Every week or so, the number of unconfirmed transactions rises. Next, we have Arionbench, a CUDA-only rendering program. We originally theorized that NV’s LTC mining performance was crippled by a limited number of GPU front-ends (just eight for the GTX 680) and its lack of a right shift rotation function in hardware. AMD’s chips can’t run the test, so this is a GeForce-only show. Both options are still viable at this point in time. 00 KH/s per watt is only slightly higher than the GTX 980’s 1. AMD remains the raw performance leader, but its ratio of 2. AMD’s lead has grown whisker-thin — and if you consider the chips in terms of performance/watt, it’s not even close. It also appears Wed, 20 Dec 2017 15:45:02 Until order is restored, we will see higher fees and even more delays.

This is an unusual development considering the network hashrate Thu, 7 Dec 2017 12:09:55 Latest News Arma 3 Last but not least, we turn to a new title — and the rather strange saga of Arma 3. The results were consistent; we ran the test multiple times and rebooted between runs. A CUDA-specific mining program, written by Cbuchner, gave Kepler-based hardware a significant shot in the arm, but even there AMD ruled supreme in both raw performance and performance per watt. A quick note on overclocking These graphics cards arrived at the ExtremeTech bunker just a couple of days ago, giving us next to no chance to evaluate their overclocking potential. One thing to be aware of is that ARMA 3 and 4K don’t get along particularly well — the mouse stops tracking the UI properly, even if the 30Hz 4K option is used. It released just over a year ago and is currently on Version 1. Either I chose two entirely CPU-centric tests by accident or there are problems with the admittedly pre-1. Arma 3 is a game that several of you have been asking me to add. While Litecoin mining is much less profitable than it once was, it remains a useful benchmark of raw compute capability. One thing no one can argue with is how the Bitcoin Cash hashrate has increased quite a bit this week.

I’ve only shown 1080p results for two different demos here because the 4K results were decidedly wonky. The opinions on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will always remain divided. What we got is rather odd to say the least.Ethereum Classic.
. Historically, Litecoin and Bitcoin mining were two of AMD’s strongest wins over Nvidia hardware. In most cases, that is a big problem, yet the matter usually gets resolved pretty quickly. In fact, it has reached a new all-time high, which is pretty interesting. There’s no formal benchmark but users have created several — I gave them a run to see what kind of results we’d get. Last but not least we have Litecoin mining.   I don’t want to say much about these results yet, but since I ran the tests I thought I’d include them. .


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Our review of the older 1.1 GHz 970 from Nvidia, we take a deep dive into its performance and specs.
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MSI's GTX 970 Gaming is available online for $350, which is a $20 price premium for the overclock out of the box and the improved cooler. by techPowerUp!

Nvidia has just introduced their new high-end Maxwell-based GPUs the GTX 980 and GTX 970 and the expectations from them in terms of performance for crypto mining are pretty high. After earlier this year we saw what the mid-range GTX 750 Ti, the first Maxwell card was capable of, we already had high

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The GXT 1070 is indeed a great card to have for any gamer. It outperforms the GTX 980Ti up to three times in some aspects! That being said, how good is it for mining?
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